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The cattle-breeding is the leading subsector of the stock-breeding in Bulgaria, in which are developed much meat, dairy and combined directions. The calves meat has very high demand, rich of vitamin B12, it consist steel and zinc.

After birth the young calves are not separated from their mothers. Thus they are fed naturally on mother’s milk which is very important for their growth. This coupled with the free-range grazing in naturally-clean regions, rich in meadows and pastures, presupposes stress-free rаising of the animals.

A large part of the calves are raised on small local farms in the close proximity of their natural habitats, another part has been raised on the company’s specialized bases. All the animals are provided with the necessary fodders and vitamins, helping their health and all-round good shape. The natural ways of stock-raising, as well as the high-quality rich national gene pool are the main factors, which make the meat from these animals a preferred product with unique taste qualities.