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Bulgaria, a Region with Traditions in the Stock-breeding

Bulgaria is a country with a thousand-year-old history in the stock-breeding development, which is an old and traditional occupation of the Bulgarian population.

The crafts development on Bulgarian soil during the 18th and 19th centuries contributes to an upsurge in the stock-breeding. This process has also been stimulated by the free access of Bulgarian herds and flocks to the Aegean coast.

Nowadays the stock-breeding had remained the main sub-branch of the agriculture in Bulgaria, as the sheep-breeding, goat-breeding and cattle-breeding are the most developed at this stage. The traditions maintained and the long experience are at the root of the production of meat and dairy produce from native breeds with unique taste, colour, flavor and healthful properties, which are beyond competition on the foreign markets.

A positive effect on the growth of the total number of livestock and on increasing quality exert factors such as natural resources, traditional motivation of the stock-breeders and the utilization of modern processes and technologies for livestock raising and fattening.

The climatic conditions in Bulgaria are favorable to the development of natural pastures and meadows, which are an important prerequisite for raising the animals in natural and ecologically-clean environment.